PlaneDocs Logbook Service

PlaneDocs digitizes and organizes your logbooks, getting your aircraft's records in order and safely backed-up.

Turboprop taking off
Your aircraft's logbooks do more than just tell its maintenance history. They're a significant component of your plane's value. A digital copy of your logbooks protects your investment against the negative effects of missing or incomplete logbooks.
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No more worrying about your logbooks getting lost during trips to your mechanic's shop. Send your digital logbooks to your mechanic and keep your physical logs safe at home. Digital logbooks can also make the process of selling your airplane much more convenient.
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Logbooks, AD lists, weight & balance forms, parts invoices, work orders, 337s, 8130s, yellow tags and more make up your aircraft's full maintenance history. Let PlaneDocs get them organized for you once and for all so that you can find the records that you need, when you need them.
Digitized Logbooks
Active logbooks are reviewed and cleaned up. Stapled inserts (not including entries) are removed and stored together in a separate binder. Once everything is removed, a full digital copy is created.
FAA Form 337s & 8130s
All 337s and 8130s are collected and sorted into groups. Once sorted, they're placed into protective plastic sleeves, and put into binders in reverse chronological order. This allows for faster research and easier location of specific maintenance records when needed.
ADs & STCs
The most recent AD list is placed into protective plastic sleeves in an easy to read format. Superseded lists are stored directly behind the active list. STCs are sorted and stored with accompanying documents in reverse chronological order.
In addition to official forms, your airplane likely has an assortment of documents such as maintenance invoices, part numbers, and certificates of conformity. These documents are sorted and archived together.
Storage Tote
Once your logbooks are digitized and paperwork organized, everything is stored together into a heavy duty plastic tote.
All Aircraft Model Year 1975+
All aircraft manufactured since 1975 are eligible for PlaneDocs. Aircraft built before 1975 may be eligible, by custom quote only.

Chet Collins

Aerospace Consultant

Chet grew up in an Air Force family; his dad was an F-16 pilot. His first flight was when he was six years old. He earned his pilot's license at 16 and now combines his organizational skillset with his love of aviation at PlaneDocs.

As a pilot, he understands the importance of keeping good records. He uses his experience in aviation and his administrative background, to help pilots and owners keep their logbooks backed-up and in good order.

Chet is based at Fort Worth Meacham International Airport (KFTW) in Fort Worth, TX, where he lives with his wife and four delightful children.
Chet Collins


Prices are for aircraft Model Year 1975 and newer. Older aircraft are eligible for PlaneDocs by quote only.
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Piston Single Aircraft
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Piston Twin Aircraft
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Light Business Jets
By quote only

An Optional Add-On Service to Keep Your Digital Logbooks Up-to-Date

New Entries
New logbook entries are submitted to PlaneDocs and added to your aircraft's digital logbooks, keeping them reconciled with your physical logbooks at all times.
Easy Access
Your aircraft's logbooks are stored securely in the cloud, accessible from anywhere in the world.

PlaneDocs can send your digital logbooks on your behalf to your mechanic, broker, or whomever needs them. This is great for annual inspections, scheduled upgrades, and away-from-base repairs.

With PlaneDocs Sync, you don't have to risk loss or damage to your physical logbooks shuffling between hangers, facilities, and maintainers. Instead, your full digital copy is available to whomever needs them.
Ready for Sale
Keeping your digital logbooks up to date will make selling your aircraft a much easier process. Prospective buyers will be able to see your aircraft's full history, cutting down on the number of inquiries and questions. With full records available for them to review from the comfort of their location, they won't need to physically inspect your logbooks until much later in the sales process.
PlaneDocs Sync is available for an annual fee of $600 per year. Logbooks completed by PlaneDocs within the prior three months are immediately eligible for no additional fee. Logbooks completed by PlaneDocs more than three months ago may require an additional fee to update the digital logbooks to their current status.
How does PlaneDocs protect my aircraft?
Your aircraft's value is determined by two primary factors: present physical condition and completeness of records. An aircraft with missing, damaged, or incomplete records can lose a significant amount of retail value. With a digital copy of your logbooks, you have a verifiable copy of your aircraft's records, no matter what happens.

Logbooks demonstrate not only the level of care taken with the maintenance and ownership of an aircraft, but also the quality of the maintenance completed. Buyers can cross-reference times for due items, verify AD compliance, and more. Reconstructing lost, damaged, or missing logbooks is a difficult and time consuming process that involves contacting maintenance facilities and trying to gather work orders. In the absence of physical logbooks, reconstructed logbooks are less desirable than actual full digital copies.
I take great care of my logbooks! Why do I need PlaneDocs?
Logbooks can become lost or permanently damaged in the most mundane of ways.

A flooded building can leave your logbooks waterlogged, pages stuck together, and ink smeared beyond recognition. A car accident while driving your logbooks to your mechanic could cause irreparable damage. We've all heard of an owner who dropped their logbooks off at a busy maintenance facility, only to never see them again.

Even with the greatest amount of care, life happens! PlaneDocs ensures that no matter what comes your way, you have a fully verifiable set of maintenance records for your aircraft.
Will my digital logbooks look perfect?
PlaneDocs works hard to produce the highest quality digital version of your logbooks. Technology produces excellent results, but does have some limitations, including the ability to capture handwritten entries that are decades old. The final result will depend on the age and physical condition of the logbooks at the time of their digitization.
Can I see a sample digitized logbook?
Yes! This partial logbook that was digitized by PlaneDocs is available for download and review. It's a good representation of the product that PlaneDocs produces.**
**Final digitized logbooks will vary depending on the age and physical condition of the logbooks at the time of digitization
How do I get my logbooks to PlaneDocs?
Logbooks can be delivered to Cherokee County Airport (KJSO). The airport features a 5,000' runway and competitive pricing on AvGas and Jet Fuel. Transportation by courier may be possible depending on your location, and can be quoted as a separate charge before you make your reservation.

Given the significant value of your aircraft's logbooks, PlaneDocs does not accept deliveries via commercial couriers (USPS, UPS, FedEx, etc.).
Are my logbooks safe with PlaneDocs?
These records are important and valuable, so precautions are taken to ensure their safe storage.

Your physical logbooks (not including associated papers and forms) are stored in a fireproof safe that is UL rated for 1 hour of fire protection. The safe is in a building that is professionally-monitored by an alarm system that detects fire and intrusion. Police and fire protection are provided by licensed city agencies.

Additionally, digitizing your logbooks is the first step in the process, meaning that a digital backup of your logbooks is in place within days of drop-off.
How long will it take to organize my logbooks?
The PlaneDocs organization & digitization process takes approximately two weeks from drop-off to pick-up.
How do I access my digital logbooks?
Due to the file size and high resolution of your logbooks, digital logbooks are too large to be sent via email. Your digital logbooks will be delivered via USB drive.

If you wish for your digital logbooks to stay reconciled with your physical logbooks and available to you anywhere, you might be interested in PlaneDocs Sync.
What is PlaneDocs Sync?
PlaneDocs Sync is an optional service that keeps your digital logbooks up-to-date and accessible from anywhere.

PlaneDocs Sync stores a copy of your plane's logbooks on a secure cloud-based platform, which can be accessed by private link. When you receive new logbook entires from your mechanic, you submit them to PlaneDocs and they're added to your digital logbooks, keeping both sets of logs reconciled.

PlaneDocs can send your digital logbooks on your behalf to your mechanic, broker, or whomever needs them. This is great for annual inspections, scheduled upgrades, and away-from-base repairs.

With PlaneDocs Sync, you don't have to risk loss or damage to your physical logbooks shuffling between hangers, facilities, and maintainers. Instead, your full digital copy is available to whomever needs them.
What is your cancellation policy?
Your PlaneDocs service reservation can be cancelled before drop-off (when you deliver the logbooks to PlaneDocs). You'll receive your deposit back, less a $150 cancellation fee.

At drop-off, your deposit becomes nonrefundable.

If you cancel your PlaneDocs service after drop-off, you are not be eligible to receive a copy of your digital logbooks and your logbooks and records will be returned to you in the state that they are at the time of your cancellation notice.

PlaneDocs Sync is billed monthly and can be cancelled at any time. Pro-rated refunds are not offered; your subscription will end at the next billing cycle. When your enrollment is cancelled, PlaneDocs will remove your digital logbooks from our secure online storage and you will no longer have access. If additional logbook entries have been added since your enrollment, a final version of the updated logbooks will be sent to you.
What are the payment terms?
Invoicing is done electronically, with all major credit & debit cards accepted. Payments are securely processed by Stripe.

50% of your PlaneDocs fee is due as a deposit before your logbooks service is scheduled. You'll receive one airframe logbook PDF via email when work is complete. The balance of your service is due before your logbooks are picked-up.

All invoices are due upon receipt.

Ready to get your airplane's records organized? Get in touch with PlaneDocs!